What is The Lemonade Diet?

What is The Lemonade Diet?

lemonade-dietThese days, the list of weight loss options is endless. You can see all sorts of natural herbs converted into a supplement and for a while they will gain popularity, but soon you will notice that no one talks about them anymore. Could this perhaps be because they are not as effective as they claim to be and people had simply moved on to other, newer, products? If you want to lose weight, you should do this using a trusted method.

The Beyonce Diet

The Lemonade Diet or Master Cleanse is not considered as just a fad. It had existed for over 50 years, but its popularity rose because of Beyonce’s statement that she lost 20 pounds in ten days by using it. She used the detox diet to lose weight for a role, and everyone saw how well she looked after using it. Her body was simply to die for. Because of the detox’s association with Beyonce, it can sometimes be called The Beyonce Diet.

How Does the Lemonade Diet Work?

The Lemonade Diet flushes out toxins accumulated in your body. Over the years, your unhealthy lifestyle and the environment you live in have deposited toxins and chemicals inside your body and these cause you to be more irritable, unhealthy, and even obese. Such toxins can also cause cancers and other major diseases. The Lemonade Diet removes these toxins through a combination of immune system booster, appetite suppressant, diuretics, and water flushers.

What is Included in the Lemonade Diet?

Even though it is called the Lemonade Diet, this diet does not consist only of lemonade. Cayenne pepper and maple syrup are also present in the diet together with lemon. From scratch, you will need freshly squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. You will drink this concoction throughout the day. The required amount is somewhere between 6-12 glasses. Drink whenever you are hungry. Then, at night, you are recommended to drink a tea laxative and use a salt water solution to flush out water weight first thing in the morning. You will do this for a minimum of 10 days.

Does it sound tedious?

The reason why some hesitate to use the Lemonade Diet despite glowing recommendations from people who have used it is because they don’t like the idea of preparing the lemonade solution every single day. Fortunately, there is a product that can help make things a lot easier for you. Now, Lemonade Diet comes in a powdered or capsule form. No more making your own concoction. You can jumpstart the diet without a messy kitchen.

Is it the same?

Is the “from scratch” Lemonade Diet the same as the capsuled Lemonade Diet? They work the same, but the capsuled diet is actually a lot better in the sense that it has additional products to help you get a healthier weight without starving your body of nutrients. With lemon powder, you can get the antibacterial benefits of lemon plus it can boost your immune system; maple syrup is your source of calories; cayenne pepper detoxifies and suppresses hunger; kelp, chickweed, burdock, and papaya all work together to give you better skin and enhanced metabolism. These things also give you a variety of nutrients to prevent any malnutrition while you are on the diet.

With the capsuled Lemonade Diet, you won’t feel as though you are following a very restricted diet. The vitamin sources are there, so you won’t feel dizzy or sleepy. In fact, you can get more energy than you’ve ever had, thanks to a cleaner body and a combination of nutrients that fuel you. It also tastes great, and you can even go for a version of the product with raspberry ketones to make it even taste better.