Lemonade Diet vs. Juice Fast

lemonade diet vs juiceThe Lemonade Diet is an effective cleansing option for those who want to get rid of toxins in their body. Also known as the Master Cleanse, this ten-day fast will help make you more efficient and energized. On top of that, it also helps you lose weight quickly. If you’re aiming to start a healthier lifestyle, you can definitely give it a kickstart by using the Lemonade Diet.

How to do the lemonade diet

The first thing you need to do is to gather your ingredients: lots of distilled water, about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of maple syrup, and a pinch of cayenne powder. Mix these ingredients and you will come up with the juice that you will drink on a daily basis. You can drink 6-12 glasses of this lemonade concoction throughout the day, particularly when you are feeling hungry. The Lemonade Diet will take effect immediately and you will notice changes in your body before the week is up. You also need to drink salt water as a daily morning flush and a nighttime laxative tea to add to the toxin elimination process.

Have you tried juice fasting?

The Lemonade Diet requires that you only drink the lemonade mix. There are no solid foods while you’re on the diet. It’s similar to when you are doing a juice fast. A juice fast involves only juices from fresh fruits and vegetables. The liquid diet provides calories from the sugar in the juice while various nutrients can be provided for the body, too. Another kind of liquid fasting is water fasting, but with no calories at all, it may cause more harm than good.

Aren’t Lemonade Diet and juice fasting just the same?

In the sense that they are both a liquid diet, yes they are the same. However, the Lemonade Diet has its strict regime to follow, while juice fasting isn’t as strict. Some people juice fast with the aim of losing weight but what they actually drink is unhealthy powdered juice. These juices are rich in chemicals, sugars, and maybe even high fructose corn syrup. These unhealthy things will not be beneficial for your body in the long run. The Lemonade Diet actually gets rid of these chemicals and reduces your cravings for sugar. One reason why the Lemonade Diet works better is because it is easy to follow and there is no confusion when it comes to the procedure.

What if you don’t want a liquid diet but want to cleanse?

Here’s an advantage of the Lemonade Diet over any other liquid fast: it has been adapted to capsule form. Therefore, there is no need to go through the preparation of the lemonade. There is also no need to fast. You can get the results of the diet while still eating enough foods. Powdered Lemonade Diet has been modified so that it works well even in combination with a full meal plan. There’s no need to starve. It provides good results despite the changes, and it may even be healthier for the body with the addition of nutritious herbs.

Following the Lemonade Diet is a good way to jumpstart your weight loss tract. However, you need to adapt a healthier lifestyle after finishing the diet; otherwise the weight you’ve lost will only return. Try to keep the weight off by eating only healthy foods and adding daily exercise to your routine. Eat lots of fiber-rich green leafy vegetables and add fruit variations to your meals for energy and healthy calories. Naturally sweet fruits will also help manage your craving for sweets, so there’s no need to eat those sugar-rich snacks. With a lifestyle like this, it’s guaranteed that you will keep the weight you want.

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