Lemonade Diet vs. Cabbage Soup Diet

Motivating yourself to lose weight when you can’t see immediate results is really hard. This is one of the reasons why many people do not keep going to the gym after just a few weeks. They don’t see results and think that they are only wasting their time. It would be a great motivation to continue losing weight when you can already see results at the end of the week, right? Good thing there’s the Lemonade Diet to give you just that.

Lemonade-diet (1)The Lemonade Diet

The Lemonade Diet took everyone by surprise when Beyonce revealed that she used the diet to lose twenty pounds in ten days for her role in Dream Girls. Many people wanted the same results and began reading up about the diet, which had been conceptualized decades ago. Even though it wasn’t popular back then, many people have already used it, but not as a diet option but as a master cleanse. Basically, the Lemonade Diet detoxifies the body and one benefit of this procedure is weight loss.

Lemonade Diet versus Cabbage Soup Dietcabbage diet

Lemonade Diet can be considered fasting, since you will only be drinking a lemonade mixture for ten days or so. Another fasting diet is Cabbage Soup Diet, which is also popular in its own way. Lots of people testify that they have used this kind of diet, but eating only cabbage soup for a couple of days may have some side effects too. For instance, with the fiber content of cabbage that helps flush fat and toxins, loose bowel movement can be a bit troublesome.

Nutrition and Comfort

A combination of lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne provides minimum calorie and offers certain nutrients for the body. Cabbage also has its small amount of nutrients. Both can give you good cause to lose weight as they remove fat and toxins from your intestinal tract. However, cabbage is mostly fiber, and this may result in certain problems such as colon irritation from loose bowel movements. Certain people may also have a hard time going about their usual routine, since they will be repeatedly going to the bathroom throughout the day. Between the two, the Lemonade Diet seems to be the more comfortable option.

Is Your Safety Guaranteed?

Both diets have been reported to have side effects. The Cabbage Soup Diet has caused many to pass out, which is possibly due to the lack of calories in the diet. Some who have tried the diet quit even before the first day is over because they were so hungry. For the Lemonade Diet, many report headaches and dizziness. However, this is due to the body adjusting to the toxins it is losing; over time these will go away. This is not due to lack of calories, since the Lemonade Diet actually has 1200 calories from the maple syrup.

Variety and Taste

Both diets have to be done for ten days to two weeks. You will lose a lot of weight, but how are you going to survive consuming the same flavor over the span of the diet? As of now there are no variations available to the Cabbage Soup Diet, but if you are using Lemonade Diet pills, there are different flavors to choose from. A crowd favorite is the addition of raspberry ketones that provide additional benefits while also giving you a new flavor to choose from.

If your goal is simply to lose weight, you can go for either Lemonade Diet or Cabbage Soup Diet. However, you need to consider whether you will actually be able to complete the diet if it is hard to cope with it. Find the one that offers you comfortable weig

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