Lemonade Diet or Master Cleanse

lemonade diet master cleanseFourteen days seems to be a long time when you’re waiting for something. Say, for example you are having a get-together with some dear friends or if you are going to a vacation overseas. You simply cannot wait for time to pass. However, fourteen days can also seem like an awfully short time when you’re aiming to lose weight so that you get to look fabulous when your friends see you. Could you really improve your body in such a short time? With a fourteen-day deadline, the Lemonade Diet is your savior.

The easiest way to lose twenty pounds

You heard that right. With the Lemonade Diet, you will lose twenty pounds in fourteen days. How is that possible? You will drink lots of water infused with lemon, cayenne, and natural maple syrup—the system flushes out toxins from your body to cleanse your colon of any unhealthy deposits that may have accumulated throughout the years. This system has worked for over fifty years, making it a trusted way to lose weight fast. You will drink the lemonade diet at certain intervals throughout the day so that you don’t starve even when you’re not eating any solid foods. Another great alternative to the lemonade diet is the Clean Program – the most endorsed and effective cleanse in the world. If you decide to try it, and like it, please let us know so we can write a full comparison.

Will you enjoy food on your vacation?

If you end your diet before your vacation, then yes, you can enjoy the food wherever you go. Make sure that you have some time to transition from the diet to eating normal foods so that your body will not be shocked of the sudden change. Ease in solid foods to your body slowly as you remove the lemonade diet from your diet plan. Then, come vacation time, you can eat anything you want. People who have used the product say that their craving for unhealthy foods have gone, so you can expect to keep the weight off because you will not be inclined to overeat.

How do you get energy from drinking just the lemonade diet?

The secret is in the maple syrup. This is actually your main source of calories. With the addition of maple syrup in the lemonade diet, you will be given calories that usually come from other food sources. The calories are just enough for your body to function, and since other ingredients in the lemonade diet aim to burn the fat that’s stored in your body, you will get energy from there. Your body works by storing fat deposits as a reserve in the body for when you need extra energy. These fat deposits will be used up while you are on the diet, thus giving you energy while burning fat that you want to get rid of.

Does the lemonade diet have any nutrients at all?

Contrary to what other people believe, the Lemonade Diet actually has lots of nutrients. The combination of healthy substances ensures that you will not be deprived of any important nutrient. Maple syrup already gives you the needed calories, but aside from that it is also a good source of calcium, manganese, zinc, potassium, and amino acids. Lemon has potassium and citric acid, plus it is rich in Vitamin C that boosts your body’s immune system. Lemon is also a known antibacterial agent, so you will not have to worry about getting sick while on the diet. Meanwhile, cayenne pepper helps to suppress your hunger and improve your body’s metabolism to speed up weight loss. Other components like kelp and papaya help give you better skin while also providing you a slew of other nutrients.

What if you want to lose more than twenty pounds?

Losing twenty pounds in fourteen days is ideal for those who want to look better for a vacation or summer getaway, but if you are obese and would like to lose more, the lemonade diet is still great for you. You can use it beyond fourteen days to lose more weight. In fact, others have used it for up to 40 days without any problems.

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