Lemonade Diet Directions: Five Easy Steps to Weight Loss

There are hundreds of weight loss diets all over the world. Some of them are popular, while others are relatively unknown. Many are advertised by celebrities, while some are recommended by doctors to their obese patients. Plenty of them disappear over time, but there’s one that has existed for a while now. The Lemonade Diet, or the Master Cleanse diet, has been helping many people lose weight for over five decades.

Not just another diet

The Lemonade Diet is not just another diet. It doesn’t just help you lose weight. It helps your body flush out toxins. It softens fat deposits so that they can be removed easier. It leaves you feeling energized and manages your unhealthy cravings. It even gives you beautiful and glowing skin. How do you get these advantages? There are five simple steps to follow.


Step 1: Make the lemonade

The Lemonade Diet is inexpensive. You only need lots of water, fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup. Make sure to use sterilized water because tap water may have some harmful toxins too. Squeeze the juice of fresh lemons and add them to the water together with some maple syrup. This will be your main source of calorie and it will also sweeten the otherwise tart lemon juice. Then add a small amount of cayenne. Some people prefer to add cayenne when they are ready to drink a glass of the lemonade, but if you want it prepared and ready to drink, you can easily add it during preparation time. Cayenne is responsible for suppressing your appetite and improving your body’s metabolism.

Step 2: Drink the lemonade every time you feel hungry

Drink the lemonade at regular intervals of the day to ensure that you will not starve. The lemonade should be able to make you feel full. Lemon will provide you with the vitamins you need so that you will not feel weak. Maple syrup will take care of calories that your body will burn together with some fat deposits to lose weight.

Step 3: Drink laxative tea before going to bed

Laxatives will help you flush out the fat and toxins that have accumulated in your body throughout the years. Being exposed to toxins is one of the disadvantages of living in a progressive world—there is toxin everywhere, even in the air you breathe. If you are eating unhealthy foods, you probably have a lot of toxins in your body. The Lemonade Diet can be repeated 4 times a year to get rid of all those toxins continuously.

Step 4: Drink salt water in the morning

Mix some salt into warm water to create salt water, which you will then drink on an empty stomach. The purpose of this is to help your body flush out toxins that have adhered to water.

Step 5: Transition to solid foods

Three days before the end of your Lemonade Diet program, you have to gradually add more foods in your diet so that your body will not be surprised with the sudden change. Go with vegetable soups first and then add some vegetables here and there. On the third day you should be ready to go back to eating regular solid foods.

And that’s how you do the Lemonade Diet. It’s easy to follow and will give you healthier body in just a short time. Within two weeks you can drop 20 pounds—no other diet can give you that while also freeing your body of toxins. To keep the weight off, you should be more careful with what you eat; avoid eating unhealthy and junk foods and make sure that you exercise regularly.


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