How to Make the Lemonade Diet

lemonade-dietThe Lemonade Diet, which is sometimes also referred to as the Beyonce Diet and the Master Cleanse, is popular because of its huge results. These results are achieved in just a short period of time through cleansing the body of toxins and fats. The diet uses a lemonade juice, which is the only thing the person undergoing the diet is supposed to consume. If you’re curious about how to make your own lemonade for this diet, you should know that it is very easy and you can actually start now.

The lemonade diet ingredients

The three basic ingredients of the lemonade diet are lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. An important fourth ingredient is the purified or distilled water, since tap water has toxins. You need lots of water where you will add the lemon juice together with some maple syrup. The recommended type of maple syrup is grade B. You only need a small quantity of cayenne to add to the lemonade, since every bit of the pepper is so potent.

The presence of cayenne

Despite the small quantity, cayenne has a lot of flavor. It can be mild or spicy depending on the amount you put and when you put it. If you like the taste of cayenne pepper and actually don’t mind a bit of pungency on your lemonade, go ahead and add it at the same time as the other ingredients. If you’re not a fan of the taste, however, or if it’s your first time using cayenne, you can mix the water, lemon juice, and maple syrup first and then only add cayenne when you are ready to drink a glass. This means adding fresh cayenne on each glass so that the taste won’t be as strong. Remember, you can have a diet that doesn’t make you want to throw up.

Salt water and laxatives

You also need to drink salt water and laxative tea while you’re doing the lemonade diet. Drink salt water on an empty stomach early in the morning and reserve the laxative tea for before you go to bed at night. This will ensure that your daily bowel movement is regulated, which is essential if you want to shed all those toxins from your body. Since salt water and laxatives can both dehydrate you, it is important that you drink lots of the lemonade juice at regular intervals within the day to keep yourself hydrated.

Who can use the lemonade diet?

Now that you’ve found out how easy it is to make the lemonade for the lemonade diet, you’re probably wondering if it’s good for you. If you’re someone aiming to lose 5-20 pounds in just two weeks, this diet is definitely for you. Diabetics can also try the diet, since it doesn’t spike the blood sugar level. However, pregnant and lactating women should consult their doctors before trying this product. When you are pregnant, you need a lot of energy and vitamins to provide to your unborn child, so going through this diet may not be recommendable. You can wait a year or two after you’ve had the baby and use the diet to lose excess weight though.

Is there a more convenient alternative?

Making the lemonade is easy, but can you survive two weeks without eating the foods you love? Won’t you be tempted to try them out every once in a while? Cheating on your diet won’t produce the best results, so here’s a better alternative: Lemonade Diet in a pill. It doesn’t require that you fast, so you can still eat your favorite foods while losing weight. This is also convenient for those who don’t want to drink salt water and laxative tea.

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