Lemonade Diet Dangers: Is This Diet Safe?

Before trying out a new lemonade weight loss diet, you should find out whether there are dangers or side effects that can affect your health significantly. This is true for any kind of diet, whether it is something new or something that has been in existence for several years. Take the Lemonade Diet, for example. Even though it has been used by numerous people for over five decades, one simply cannot trust it without finding out how it affects the body.

But first, what is the Lemonade Diet?

Also known as the Master Cleanse, the diet effectively flushes out harmful toxins in the body. You can get toxins and chemicals from everything—food, the air, your surroundings—and it is really important to get rid of these if you want your body to function efficiently. The Lemonade Diet requires an individual to consume only lots of water mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. You will also be required to drink laxative tea before bedtime and salt water on an empty stomach in the morning.

It doesn’t sound easy, does it?

When you hear about the instructions for using the Lemonade Diet, your first reaction would be shock. How would your body survive for a minimum of ten days without any solid food and with mostly water in it? You will surely get hungry…or will you? Actually, those who have tried the Lemonade Diet say that they only got hungry in the first few days of doing it. Afterwards, they felt energized and it was easy to continue with the diet. Besides, they liked how it made their skin glow with health. And then there’s the result—losing up to 20 pounds in ten days sure is a testament to how the diet works.

But is it safe?

If your concern is if you will collapse in the middle of the day because of hunger, no that will not happen. Master Cleanse actually provides you with calories thanks to the addition of maple syrup. Besides, it gets energy from your body’s fat reserve, which by the way causes you to lose weight. As for malnutrition, the lemonade diet actually gives you vitamins and minerals too.

Does it sound convenient for your schedule?

Staying at home for the duration of the diet would not present any complications, but what if you are always on the go? What if you need to be at various places throughout the day? How are you going to carry around your diet juice and prevent the temptation of sumptuous meals you see along the way? Even cayenne’s appetite suppressing function won’t work if you can’t get to your lemonade in time. Fortunately, there are some variations of the diet that are now available in capsule form.

Diet in a pill

It’s definitely more convenient to be able to drink the goodness of The Lemonade Diet. There would be no more messy preparations, plus most products have additional ingredients to make it taste even better and enhance its effects. The best part is that these products don’t require you to stick to the liquid diet. You can eat actual, solid foods as long as they are healthy. You should also have some regular exercise, too. Simple exercises like brisk walking, running or biking will already yield good results.

The Lemonade Diet is a great way to lose weight in a short period of time. It would be great for those who want to look good for special occasions like get-togethers with friends or a vacation overseas. Even those who are planning to get married can look great in their wedding dress through this trusted diet regime. As long as you follow the instructions, your health shouldn’t be at risk.