Benefits & Side Effects

Lemonade Diet Side Effects and Benefits

benefit_bg_01You’ve probably heard of the Lemonade Diet by now, but do you already know how it works and what its side effects are? You may be surprised to know that the things included in this diet are easy to find and in fact commonly used. The diet itself is actually pretty easy and it works in just a short amount of time. This is ideal for those who want to look good in a matter of days.

How does it provide energy?

The main concern of those who want to try the Lemonade Diet is if they will be lethargic for the duration of the diet. The answer is a very big no. Despite not eating solid foods rich in calories, you will still get energy because your body will be burning off your fat reserve and this is where your energy will come from. Minimal calories will also be taken from the maple syrup that is added to the water, lemon juice, and cayenne powder concoction. That’s additional energy source for you.

Will you starve or feel hungry?

You will not feel hungry for two reasons: first, you will be drinking the lemonade in place of food every time you are hungry, and second, cayenne pepper works as a great appetite suppressant. Even though you will be fighting off hunger with the lemonade mixture, you will still get the nutrients your body needs thanks to the lemon juice and maple syrup. There are also versions of the Lemonade Diet that incorporate other helpful ingredients to ensure better, healthier results.

Is it healthy?

It may not be as healthy as eating a well-balanced diet, but it is not as deprived of nutrients as you would think. Rather than filling up your body with more toxins by eating junk food and eating nutrient-lacking breads and pastries from bakeries around town, you should instead boost your immune system by drinking lemon juice, which also happens to have other nutrients included in it. Ultimately, using a diet such as this is still better than fasting.

What if you don’t want to use it for two weeks?

That’s perfectly fine. You can still get the benefits of using the Lemonade Diet even if you don’t finish the two-week period. In fact, you can use it for five days and see results. You can even go shorter and try it for three days, but that wouldn’t give you enough time to slowly ease your body in and out of the diet. You need at least three days leeway so that your body will not be surprised of the sudden diet change. However, if you’re using products that offer the Lemonade Diet in powdered form, you can easily start and stop using this without any adjustments, since you will still be eating other foods along with it.

Can you stop anytime?

Yes, you can, as long as you make sure to not do it too suddenly. If you’ve been doing the Lemonade Diet for ten days, reserve the eleventh day for the addition of other liquid foods such as vegetable soup. On the twelfth day add in soft chunks to the soup, then on the thirteenth day you can already go back to eating normal foods. Note that this applies to when you follow the traditional Lemonade Diet, since you can stop using the capsuled Lemonade Diet anytime.

Even with pretty simple and straightforward ingredients, the Lemonade Diet already manages to shed 20 pounds from your body in a couple of days. Most of this weight is water weight, so be sure that you don’t eat or drink foods that store excess water in the body if you don’t want the weight to come back after you’ve finished the diet. It’s all about maintenance at this point.